See C Go  a founding storyteller for Maptia

Maptia is a beautiful way to tell stories about places.

Do you believe stories can change the world? We do.At Maptia, we believe that if people from every country, every culture, and every background shared the stories of their lives and of their travels, then the world would be a more understanding and empathetic place. We also believe that this would encourage people to get out there and make the most of their short time on this planet. Our mission is to gather these stories together and create the most inspirational map in the world.



  • Homeless Love On A Croatian Park Bench  Rijeka, Croatia                 An unexpectedly romantic story. A young couple is left with no option but to sleep on a park bench when train schedules are incorrect, proving that their love can survive one night as transient travelers shivering on a park bench love nest. Hopelessly in love.
  • Barranco Celebrates Señor de Los Milagros                                                               Barranco District, Peru      As one of the longest religious celebrations in the world Señor de los Milagros takes over the streets of Lima. Honoring the Lord of Miracles and Cristo Moreno was a vibrant, musical, lively ongoing experience in the streets of my Barranco neighborhood.

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