I am a Founding Storyteller for Maptia, A Storytelling Project

IMG_5003I am proud to announce that I am a founding storyteller for Maptia.

Maptia is a storytelling project, dedicated to creating the most inspirational map of the world. The co-founders Dorthy, Johnny, and Dean explain it much better themselves.

“At Maptia, we believe in creating a remarkable, shared record of our relationships with the places around us. We are gathering a community of people who are relentlessly curious about the world, who love to use maps for storytelling, and who have an innate desire to contribute to something bigger than themselves.”

I discovered this beautiful concept when I stumbled upon the blog storytelling theme “Wonders of the World”.

I was fascinated with the platform and the inspirational global storytelling, a map filled with these rich stories and experiences. I loved the stories and photography, all so wonderful and different yet inspired by the same theme, event, or location. The world is viewed and experienced differently by each person, reading how these experiences vary is fascinating to me.

I decided I had to be a part of this.

I submitted a sample of my story Barranco Celebrates Señor do Los Milagros and was invited to complete the story and become a founding storyteller!

Maptia Festivals & Celebrations. Theme #20 Barranco (me)

That became my first story and was featured in the storytelling theme Festivals and Celebrations.

It is exciting to be a part of something that is new developing and creating such original content and providing a platform for storytelling and inspiring adventure. Maptia is an evolving project. I look forward to witnessing it progress further and contribute to their wonderful creation.

Maptia Manifesto dark

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