An American Diary / Američki Dnevnik

My first year playing volleyball abroad in Osijek, Croatia I was approached about writing a column for the regional newspaper, Glas Slavonija, documenting my experiences. I gladly accepted.

The column motivated me to document observations, cultural nuances, lingual misunderstandings, amazing people, and memories I will remember forever. Croatia and Osijek will always hold a special place in my heart.

writing at SF Coffee House, Osijek Croatia
Writing at SF Coffee House, Osijek Croatia

I wrote my column in English, it was then translated by an intern to Croatian. I was trusting that the translator was able to convert my words, keeping the story’s essence true to my intentions.

I wanted to share with you here on my blog all stories from my column that were published in Croatian. I’ll post them in order of how they were released in Glas Slavonija, .

Hope you enjoy them!

Have you been to Croatia or lived abroad?

What was a funny or memorable moment that you recall?



    • Jeanne!
      Thank you for reading along!
      I am revisiting many places, adventures, and photos that I have yet to share here. I’m very excited about what’s to come!

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