Cousins Explore Finlands Capital; Helsinki Adventures

68296_4863899799506_1380177584_n396261_4864176326419_1019225779_nWatch out Finland. What better way to spend a few days with my cousin than in the Capital.

After spending some time in Jyväskylä, we ventured to Helsinki before she had to return to Rome, Italy where she was studying abroad.

Helsinki in November-44

It sounds crazy but in 7 years of living abroad I hadn’t any family visit me. Blood relative that is, I had 3 of my of my closest friends come and visit, see me play, get to know where I was and why I enjoyed life playing volleyball abroad. But this was the first family member.

It was very special to me to share such an adventure with her.

Helsinki with Amy-12We arrived by train, wifi the whole way of course. After locating our hotel we took off. Stopped in Fazer cafe for some decadence. Walked down Esplanadi towards the dock which would lead us to Suomenlinna and Upenski Cathedral.

Fazer Cafe Helsinki

We took a boat out to Suomenlinna and watched the sun setting over the Helsinki skyline. Wandered some ruins. Took deep breaths looking over the calm waters.

Helsinki with Amy-30Helsinki Market-1

Helsinki with Amy-74 It was dark when we got back to the mainland.  We walked by the Helsinki Cathedral, a cliche toursit sign…yes please.


Helsinki with Amy-82

Now time for food, real Finnish food. We ate reindeer lingonberry sauce. What better food to embody food Finland. We ended the night with some minntu and Licorice beverages. Another Finnish experience not to be missed.


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