quote Re-branding Yourself in the Midst of Success

“Those crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. To have enough humility, but also that ego to believe you can do it. To be almost a walking contradiction. To just be unbelievably curious, to read so many different books, and listen to so many different opinions. To want to be taught something. To want to sit down with people smarter than you and that think differently than you and truly listen. I didn’t do that in my last business. Things were going too well.”

-Charley Johnson

“I haven’t been thinking about results for some time and, now, results are coming my way.”  – Matthew McConaughey

Excerpts from Success Magazine article ‘Matthew McConaughey and the Art of Reinventing Yourself’ See more at: http://success.com/blog/matthew-mcconaughey-and-the-art-of-reinventing-yourself#sthash.NF0xJKah.dpuf

I have been thinking a lot lately about personal branding. Representing yourself to others correctly. Personally you represent an image. Are you encompassing the persona you want? Not just a perception of that image but embodiment of your brand in all you do. Are you sending the message you want to others? Are you finding success just not in the area or direction you desire to achieve your success? Are your choices guiding you to the end point you want?  How do you change?

Self reflection is essential I believe. You can assess your patterns and behavior, deeming whether or not they are successful in configuring your brand. I came across this article and I love the questions it suggests you consider in regard to your success and your personal brand. It reminds us also that if you choose to make changes and decide its time to transform yourself, as with anything else, it requires patience, time, and effort. Learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable if transformation is what you choose. 

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