Maximizing My Meals.

I am the kind of person who goes about their day, finds a flow, and gets lost in it. Whether that is working out, traveling, errands, meeting with friends, or just the flow of a normal day. I lose track of time and before I know it the day has passed and all I’ve eaten is eggs and coffee at 9 am. For about 3 weeks now I have been consciously adjusting when and how I eat.

Horseshoe Lake

I am athletic with a lot of energy. I’ve let that carry me through most of the day neglecting my nutritional needs. I never feel my body asking for food or notice a dramatic performance issue. I just know when I finally eat it is past the time my body needed it because once I finally ate I felt like a new person, completely revived.

I am active, relatively fit, and ate healthy so what else can I really do?  I am not a fast food junkie, a partier who could cut down on my booze intake, or a sugar lover who eats candy bars for meals (although chocolate and ice cream are my weaknesses!). I thought by eating healthy whenever I did eat I would be doing the right thing.


After meeting with Angelo Poli at Whole Body Fitness to discuss an approach to find my optimum performance, my nutrition habits and information told a lot. I am not fueling my body throughout the day.

When asked to recall what I had eaten the past 2 days I was kind of shocked myself. I would have breakfast and then fast the whole day eventually eating dinner when I felt like I would die otherwise. Wake up and do it again the next day.

I have realized this style of eating is not optimizing my performance as a person and definitely not as an athlete. I need to be more aware of my body’s needs and fuel it appropriately. Angelo gave me some guidelines, focusing on drinking lots of water, not missing meals, and combining snacks in-between meals. I began making time for my meals and snacks and being aware of how long it had been between eating.

Within the first week I noticed a drastic difference. When I lacked energy I noticed I had been late to eat a snack. When I felt a little sluggish I knew it was close to lunch. Before noticing this was difficult for me. Once I had a routine of a few days eating on a normal

Food Clock

schedule my body adjusted and I could feel when I needed to eat.

Now I wasn’t just eating healthy food, I was eating healthy food when my body needed it! This enables the food to actually fuel me efficiently. I lost 4 pounds in the first 4 days solely from adjusting my eating schedule I am slowly trimming down with a little conscious effort put into my meals. I am on my way to maximizing my performance and functioning on a higher level.

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