New Year, New Opportunity


Its a new year. New gym memberships are soaring around the world right now with people convinced they will be devoted to losing holiday weight, changing their lifestyle, or pursuing a fitness goal.

This year I find myself looking for a new opportunity to challenge myself. Being an athlete on teams I have gotten used to having a coach, a trainer, someone setting forth a workout for that season. But what happens when its over?

I have enough experience and background to know how to work out but what I’m doing hasn’t been giving me the results I want. I wanted something to push me in a new way and to give me a program I can continue with and set longer term fitness goals for myself.

After seeing a few of my friends amazing results with Whole Body Fitness, elite athletes and non athletes alike I decided to reach out to a Angelo Poli at Whole Body Fitness. We sat down to find some goals and strategies for my physique and nutrition. Along with proper diet and physical programming, he also assessed my body alignment and posture. Recognizing the balance in my body and seeing where I can improve and strengthen, an aspect I hadn’t considered or examined before.

Angelo assessing my posture and alignment

I am a perpetual learner so I am always open to new ideas and techniques. I am learning along the way there are many ways I can improve, ways I never considered really affected my performance as an athlete and as a human.

WBF offers elite professional and collegiate athlete training programs and consultations as well as individual and group training options for every level of fitness.

I am excited for the new year and the new opportunities that are ahead in and out of the gym. To anyone else out there setting healthy goals for 2014, I wish you success!

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