gallery See Vilsbiburg; A Quaint Bavarian Town

I have been living in Vilsbiburg, Germany a month now playing volleyball. I’ve had some snowy days, sunny days, and a lot of walks around town. My house is so close to town that I can walk around and take pictures all the time.

It is about an hour and a half northeast of Munich in the countryside. It is a picturesque Bavarian town. The colorful buildings, quaint town square, rolling countryside, neighborhood bakeries and cafes, and friendly locals. It has been a pleasure to live here so far.



The town name Vilsbiburg was broken down and explained to me as:

  • Vils-the name of the river flowing through the town
  • Bi- meaning 2
  • Burg- a castle

So River 2 Castle = Vilsbiburg

I found the river, no word yet on the Castles!

Here are photos I have taken on various days walking around town. Hope you think it’s as adorably quaint as I do!

Walking through this tower leads you onto the main square where there are shops, cafes, banks, and the town hall. It is my favorite street in town, so colorful and cheery even on a gloomy day.


At the end of the main square, there is a bridge over the river Vils River  I walked along the bank and a group of geese greeted me on what ice was left. They kept biting at it like they could eat it.


Vilsbiburg-16 Vilsbiburg-19

I love the architecture here, maybe a hint of gingerbread shape similarities! The colorful buildings illuminate the streets on a dreary cloudy day and seem to glow even brighter on sunny days seeming like props for a movie set against a clear blue sky backdrop. There are even live webcams of the main square if you wanna check it out!




I loved the pretzel on the door handle, so appropriate for a bakery in Germany!


I walked back to my apartment up the street from town towards the big church and took some side streets. You can spot Rote Raben club cars parked all over town, cute lil VW’s.


This Church bell rings so much! I hear it in my apartment all day and night, it’s become soothing actually.


Im not sure if this is a business or a house but I think it’s pretty unique. I like the aged wood, the religious figure concave in the wall, and the glass in the lower windows.


I caught kids coming home from school.

Vilsbiburg-35Right around the corner to the left is my apartment building. That ends my walk about! Hope you enjoyed seeing this picture peek of Vilsbiburg.

Below is a video posted on the city website with scenes from all over town during the year, there is a winter video too.


    • The 2 castle theory was the interpretation for biburg that I got from people around here. This is interesting, I like the photo you linked, it gives a good image. Thanks for sharing.

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