gallery Volley 2013, I’m Off to Germany!

The last month has been a whirlwind. I packed up life in Finland writing and photo editing, walking Pula, volleyball a few times a week, and watching LOTS of basketball and boyfriend time.I hopped on a plane to Germany.

gegnerbild- rote raben 540     Rote Raben Gear-2

I will be playing the remainder of the season with the club Rote Raben  Volleyball in Vilsbiburg, Germany! I am so excited for this opportunity. I woke up one tuesday in Finland got the info. SNAP! The following tuesday I was beginning my life in Germany.

Rote Raben Gear-1

Rote Raben means Red Raven so that explains the flying bird playing volleyball! I arrived then 3 days later played in my first game with the team. Talk about moving fast! I have been here about a month now in Vilsbiburg. We have had 3 games so far and have 3 games left before I go home.

Rote Raben v Offenburg-1
Me attacking (15 Red) in the first game I played in.
Rote Raben v Offenburg-4
Me & the team getting pretty excited during the game.
Rote Raben v Offenburg-3
Me #15 Blocking with Norisha #12.

The town is small and nothing is too far that walking can’t take you but luckily where we are is so close to everything. 5 min to town, train station, 10 to gym, 20 to fitness center, and 2 seconds to the store across the street-with a bakery. Convenience of proximity to everything and quaint appearance have made this little town so lovable, not to mention they love their volleyball!

Apartment View-1
View across the street from our apartment, the neighborhood market
Apartment View-2
View up the street from our apartment, and neighborhood pizzeria
I am enjoying Germany so far and have already had so many adventures and met so many people. The important thing will be the last 3 games and when we win those I will be so happy and relieved. Ending the season on a high note is the goal here and everything else I’ve gotten to experience during this time is just a bonus. Wish us luck!
*All Volleyball action shots courtesy of Project Sport Screen


    • Thanks! I hope we do too!
      I have some great pics from Vietnam I went through lately, definitely on my ‘to post’ list!
      Hope all is well Cotatikid 😉

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