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Last year I went home for the holidays. It was the first time I have been in California for Christmas since 2006 when I came home from college for winter break. I didn’t have any expectations, and if I were to have any they would’ve been met and exceeded ten fold. I was beyond glad that I went home. It was filled with warmth, food, friends, and love.

My 10 day break started off good in Finland with a fun ride to the airport with 2 american friends from another team.

My California break started of even better by getting picked up from the airport by my love and taken to the waterfront to have a tailgate picnic complete with wine, cheese, and meat to watch the planes fly into SFO over the water. A lovely homecoming.

View of San Francisco from Alameda

We went home from my surprise picnic to be surprised again with a belated birthday party complete with ballons, streamers, Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake, AND I got sung to!!! Perfect welcome home!

Christmas Love in CA is:

  • Neighborhoods fully decked out with christmas lights, decor, and handing out candy canes
  • Sitting by the water sipping coffee and looking at the city, love by my side, pup squirrel huntin’ in the sand
  • A 2nd and 3rd birthday cake and singing with family and friends
  • Walking the dogs along the water with your best friend talking about life like you haven’t missed a beat
  • Doing nothing
  • Feeling the months of separation melt away in one hug
  • Falling asleep on the couch entwined with my human and dog loves
  • Touching your  friends baby bump
  • Puppy kisses
  • Table full of wonderful food and surrounded by family
  • Seeing a childs joy in simple things like ripping open wrapping paper
  • California Sunshine
  • Presents exchanged, watching each others happiness and surprise
  • Mexican food mmmmmm
  • Sitting by the warm light of a glowing decorated Christmas tree
  • Waking up to kisses and the smell of coffee brewing
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Hugging your best friends and family
  • Neighborhood children singing carols door to door
  • Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

   12-23 Xmas break -12

This year I am still spending Christmas with those I love, not everybody but the two cuties in the above photos. This is our 5th Christmas in Europe together, our 3rd christmas with Pula, and our 1st Christmas in Finland with just us three. We have been fully enjoying Eryk’s time off from Basketball.

Sunny Balcony & Icy Window

We cut down our own tree and decorated it. Baked and decorated delicious Moomin sugar cookies, not much help from me there except for eating them though.  We walk around town-decorated beautifully with holiday cheer, decorate the house, eat holiday treats, sipping glögg, cooking, relaxing, and loving the snowy Jyväskylä winter wonderland!

12-23 Xmas break -11

Although we aren’t in CA with our families Christmas is about spending time with those you love, that happens everywhere you are.  We are successful on that level spending the holidays cherishing this time, this place, this experience, and each moment together. Much love this holiday season to you and your families wherever you are, Christmas love is everywhere.

12-23 Xmas break -14



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