gallery Northern Lights, Nature’s Light Show

Sooo seeing the northern lights is on my bucket list, after tonight I can officially check it off! While living in Sweden I did see a small and rare viewing and it lingered on the horizon only briefly. The kind of Aurora Borealis I was hoping to experience was the large, light up the entire sky, colors dancing and prancing kind. Tonight I got it! A few members of our club have been aware of my desire to see the lights and I told them- no matter the time if you see the lights out let me know!!!

Tonight they did just that.

I was sitting in my room ending my day on skype with my computer, as usual when my cell rang. Mind you this happens so rarely I would question if it was in fact even my phone ringing if I didn’t live alone. So it was the call. “Crystal, have you looked outside tonight?” Me  instantly responding with excitement as I rush to the window to peek,  “NO I haven’t, are the lights out? Ok Ok im going outside right now thank you *click”.  I may have even said I love you I was so excited at the possibility of seeing this tonite, in moments, in my front yard, in my slippers.

I spastically threw on layers of clothes (it is only -12 C out tonite but I planned on lingering and catching some photos if in fact I could see them). I could!! They were behind some buildings on the horizon. I ran back inside. Grabbed my camera and real shoes and went out for the next half hour to witness natures light show. Aurora Borealis. BINGO!

I couldn’t see so well from right in front of my house and they were right behind the buildings by my house. To get a better view I walked behind the buildings and the light was rising from behind trees and shooting across the sky upwards and stretching along the horizon. It at times looked like water rippling across the sky its movements were changing so quickly.

If I looked straight ahead I could see it on the horizon but as I looked directly above me tilting my head all the way back I could see its peak climbing into the night sky. At my back was the moon out shining bright as ever as well. I’m not sure if it is full or almost full but it has been hanging in the sky since early evening and combined with the clear crisp air the sky is bright and beautiful tonite.

As I was walking back to my apartment I heard music, as I listened closer I realized it was none other than the chicken dance music (or the tune I know as the chicken dance)  coming from inside the garage where all the milk trucks go to load or unload-not sure which. It just seemed random and funny to me that music was blasting like a milk disco rocking the chicken dance when out side it seemed so silent and serene.  I took a few shots of the steam coming from the smoke stack behind my house and when I couldn’t feel my hands anymore I scurried home smiling with satisfaction and slightly frozen fingers. Another one to cross off the bucket list! YES!

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