gallery My Typical Day in Kuusamo

I just feel like sharing what a day in my life here is like. This season there has been a lot more volleyball in my life with more 2 a day practices with lifting and also more freetime with out Pula with me to keep me  busy and entertained. Some of my friends and family back home assume I am too busy to talk or anything but there are a lot of hours in the day and majority of my day, I am available! So, here is a typical day for me playing for Paka.

7:10 Alarm

7:15 2nd Alarm

7:25 3rd Alarm.

  • I finally get up. It is so dark in the morning I need to gradually wake myself up! It’s getting ligher everyday though!
  • Get dressed for practice, choosing the correct color shirt for practice (we cycle through our team shirts in order black, pink, yellow, purple).
  • Throw my waterbottle, shoes, ipod, kneepads, and snack into my gym bag.
  • Quickly eat a little something.

7:40 Go outside to car

  • unplug car and fan in car
  • turn on car and heater
  • clean ice and snow off the car
  • leave for practice (about a 5 min drive to gym from our house)

8:00-9:20 Morning Volleyball Practice

9:30-10:45 Gym to lift

  • cardio
  • lift weights, different everyday
  • abs always
  • sometimes I sauna, occasionally swim, and shower at the gym depending on time/hunger/energy

11:00 Home to the Cheesefactory

  • make coffee
  • eat a snack
  • shower if I didn’t at gym
  • watch whatever shows are on (syndicated Canadian shows), usually Bulging Brides and Birth Story, then a house hunter show, Border Control Australia, or dirty jobs, then the most annoying infomerccial for the Genie Bra is my sign lunch is ready

11:30-12:30 Lunch

  • Either my roomie Milena or I and sometimes both of us take our tupperware for lunch, one for salad and one for food, and walk over to the Cheese factory cafetereia where we recieve our lunch on the weekdays.
  • There is a weekly menu posted what we will eat all week long but since we understand nothing it is always a surprise!

1:00 Bring lunch back to the apt and nap for an hour or 2.

3:00 Wake up eat, computer time, Wii super mario, read, paint my nails, etc until the next practice. Go to store or run errands if necessary. Since nobody is awake in California during this time I can’t even skype yet.

5:00 Skype, 7:00am…usually when Ca is waking up so I try to make calls

5:30 Get car ready for practice, same routine as the am

5:45 Stretch and relax at gym before practice

6:00-8:00 Volleyball Practice

8:15 Home, plug in car for the night

  • Shower
  • Eat Dinner (what is left from lunch, we get big portions)
  • Relax on couch with computer until bedtime!

11:30 When I try to goto sleep

12:30 When I usually fall asleep

Wake up and do it again tomorrow.


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