gallery Finnish Food: Rahka


It is a staple snack food in many Finnish people’s lives and yet I hadn’t even heard of or tasted it until coming to Finland.

I have had it as a dessert several times now and loved it every time, the problem is I never knew what I was meeting. The other night we had what resembled this photo below and we were told it was a combination of rahka, vanilla sauce, a little sugar, and a berry mix (lingon, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry) all blended together then chilled in the fridge. It was delicious, a creamy, cool, sweet,  berry yogurt. Yum!

I have been trying a lot of Finnish Food since I have been here, and this is one of them. The difference is usually the food I am trying somebody at the table can translate what exactly it is I am eating. Not so easy with Rahka, it stumped everyone…except google!

Rahka translates to Quark which to be honest I don’t really know what that is either or if I have had it in the states before.

Rahka/Quark is described by the Finnish Food Glossary as:

“The first is the regular Finnish quark, called maitorahka (literally “milk quark”), which is made by curdling pasteurised low-fat/nonfat milk with lactic acid bacteria. It has a smooth, soft and slightly watery texture and contains between 0,2 and 0,3 % milk fat. It can be found at the dairy section of every grocery store. Imported German quark of similar consistency may be found sold in some well-equipped Finnish grocery stores.
The other is the Russian-type quark, which has a firm, dry consistency with a varying milk fat content, from about 8 to 30 %. “

It is sold individually packaged with and without flavor as well as lactose free. Some of the flavors I checked out at the store today included blueberry vanilla, lime and white chocolate, lemon, tiramisu, and regular. All had varying fat contents and there were several to choose from.

Just because you’ve never had it doesn’t mean you won’t like it and that is exactly the case with Rahka. I think it will be a tasty snack for me while I am here in Finland and I look forward to sharing the tasty dessert with everyone back home if I can find all the ingredients. If not, I’ll just enjoy it while I am here 🙂


    • I hope it doesn’t make you fat considering how much people here eat it! That much dairy and sweet dessert goodness can’t be too healthy to have a lot of!! It is delicious!

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