Lapland Bucket List

My Lapland Bucket List.

Things on my adventure list for Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland while I live here.

Our game schedule in the spring is much more open and I hope to do all the things on this list and be able to live and tell the tale!!

For now these are the things I want to see and do before I leave Finland in the spring.

The list may grow or shrink but I have a feeling I will be busy in 2012!!!

Ruska Laukka-11


A skier trains on the ski jump at the stadium in Ruka during an unofficial training session on November 26, 2008 in Kuusamo-Ruka, Finland ahead of the qualifications for the world cup nordic combined and ski jumping event next November 27. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images) #
  • Ruka Pop 2012
  • Ice Strong Man World Championships
  • Kuusamo Museum
  • Ice Sculpting Competition
  • Lutheran Church
  • The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
  • Freestyle Ski Competition
  • Snowboarding Competition
  • Northern Lights


    • If I had more time I would love to see that castle, it looks so incredible! I also saw info on an ice sculpture village which looks pretty incredible too. I only have one free day a week if that so it is too far of a trip for me! Thanks for the suggestion. You have some pretty incredible photos!

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