Seeing as it has been since Christmas Eve that I had gone to church, I was feeling the need for some holyness. So I went to the Ash Wednesday/askonsdagsmässa at Lindebergs Kyrka. It is still so weird to feel at home and familar in a church that looks not really anything like the church I grew up in but there is so much that is the same. I love the feeling  in an old church like this one too.

Its crazy that even in Swedish, Lutheran services are the same. Same tone, same communion songs, Lamb of God, same cadence to the lords prayer. Even the same style of passive singing and hesitant awkward encounters. I guess it is universal for Lutherans everywhere to not leave their little bubble in church to greet anyone out of their comfort zone. But seeing as how the religion started more or less in this part of the world, I guess I see where we got it from!

Good Luck to everyone in all their Lent endeavors.

I hope I can stick to mine!


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