Thai Mat Kväll

Wednesday night is our night off of volleyball. This usually means nothing special except relaxation in one form or another occurs. Except this wednesday we had plans. Thai mat med Joy!! Thai Food with Joy!! Margie and I had joined Joy previously to eat Thai food with herit was so so so delicious we insisted that everyone try some, soooo worth it.

We decided after our game last Saturday that we should all get together to eat some Thai food. YUM can’t say no to that! So Klaudia, Margie, Sara and I walked from our house at 530 (still a little light outside!!!), met Jeanette at Froths and walked halfway, met Josephine, then walked up a massive icy snowy hill to where Joy lives. It felt like we kept multiplying the more we walked, picking up one here, one there till we had a group of 6 trekking in about-14C hoping those Thai spices would warm us up!

We were all so interested in how she was making everything I think Joy must’ve felt our gazes burning on her! She was cooking rice, letting chicken finish up, had a soup ready, and was beginning to assemble the sauce. Lord knows what was in it but it was the magic sauce that helped us all clean our plates completely. Sara was ready to clean the sauce pan just to make sure that no sauce went to waste. YES, it was THAT good.

There weren’t enough chairs in the kitchen so we pulled the tables and rugs together in the living room so we could all sit and eat together. It was perfect. Great food. Great friends. A great night off! Tack så mycket Joy! Jag kan inte vånta til nåsta onsdag!


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