An Unforgettable Evening at Lindesbergs Stadshotellet

Lindesberg Volley Logo

An unforgettable evening at the City Hotel Friday, February 4 
Elite girls in Linde Volley serving food at a la carte

Volley Elite Girls Become Chefs for an Evening

Linde’s elite volleyball girls getting into the restaurant business – but only for one night. In less than two weeks, the team which is to take over the kitchen at Lindesbergs Stadshotell and serve the residents a very special evening.
-The girls are really looking forward to this, it’s a good chance to get closer to our audience in a different environment than in the sports hall. This will probably be really fun, “says sports director Roger Larsen.

LindeVolley Fundraiser

The girls in Lindesberg Volleyball continues to deliver, no later than this weekend for a walk victory (3-0) against Gislaved. With ten games played, is Lindesberg now ranked third in the table and has – arguably the assessment – the potential to be involved in fighting for a national championships. The assessment also makes the club’s sporting director Roger Larsen.
-Team continued to develop as it has done since elite premiere, four years ago, it’s just a matter of time before the noblest denomination ports of Linde, he says.
Premiere Year finished in ninth place, next season they finished seventh, the year after they stopped four and now it lags then finished third – with a game in play should be emphasized.

Audience-wise, volleyball has enjoyed great success in Lindesberg – but it is still far behind such as handball. When it was Lind School Sports Hall of home, the average was 150 people in the stands. That number has doubled since they began playing in Lindesberg Arena.
“It is still rather modest numbers, and we believe that there are far more interested in out there. Maybe to match the times are a bit wrong. Partly it’s enough that we are a fairly small club, we do not have as many members as others. But I think the audience figure will increase over time anyway, “explains sports director.

In an effort to reach out to people, to get more fans and to meet with the approximately 300 dutiful cheered as houses in the stands every game, has now put together a different and fun stunt, held at city hotel in just under two weeks. The entire team will then replace the game jerseys to chef hats to “serve the goals”. Lindesberg Volley will simply take over the kitchen and take orders from a hopefully wide “audience”.
-There will be an unforgettable evening. I do this partly because it is a fun thing, but also to highlight this incredibly talented team. The girls will handle both cooking and serving, all under the direction of the hotel’s executive chef, says the proprietor Mats Barlow.
Mats is himself very interested in sport and know that many like-minded people will find this evening both interesting and fun.
-Diners are invited to visit the girls very closely at it this way, compared to what it is like a match. I think this will be appreciated, the girls will take the time and talk to guests when they served food, “says Barlow.

Lindesberg Volley sporting director sees a strong link between the situation on the playing field and how it is in a restaurant kitchen: It is a team that works together.
-Everyone has their positions and work as a team, he points out.
So what would sports director himself like to order by his shape strong team?
-My personal favorite is the potato pancakes with bacon and lingonberry jam. I do not know if I get the chance to eat it that night, “laughs Roger Larsen.


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