NEVZA Nordic Championships live from VolleyKanalen

Here is the schedule of games brodcast for NEVZA Nordic Cup

watch live from

All times are Swedish.

-9 hrs for West Coast time

-6 hrs for East Coast

Fredag 28 januari
18:30 Engelholm – Brøndby (DK)
20:30 Katrineholm – Lindesberg (11:30 am West Coast)

Lördag 29 januari
15:00 Engelholm – Katrineholm
17:00 Lindesberg – Brøndby (DK) (8:00 am West Coast)

Söndag 30 januari
13:00 Brøndby (DK) – Katrineholm
15:00 Engelholm – Lindesberg (6:00 am West Coast)

The finals to Sweden and Denmark

November 19, 2010 » Club Championships , News

The last weekend of January, the final of the Club Championships have been awarded to Engelholm, Sweden för the women and to Middelfart, Denmark regarding the men.

Engelholm will inaugurate a new arena in Ängelholm and the final will be the perfect timing. They are also the reigning champions. The final will be played 28-30/1.

Middelfart came in 2nd place last season and now they launch their attack on the titel on their home turf. The tournament will be played 27-29/1 due to TV coverage. More information about that will follow.

You can of course follow the results here on


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