Back Blogging

As of late I have been struggling deeply to bring myself to the keyboard to write or even open my blog homepage tab on my computer. Sadly the motivation just hasn’t been there the last 4 months to upload pics or write.

The fall was kind of a whirlwind funk time for me. I was so busy balancing and trying to stay above water with all that I am attempting to succeed at this year that I became lost in the daily grind and feeling worn out. I feel I haven’t only dropped the ball on my blog but on my freinds and family too. I got caught up in taking care of myself.

I love you all. My ducks are finally all in a row now so be expecting phone calls, post cards, love, and blogs.


I am disappointed in myself because so much has happened that I want to share and yet I haven’t made the time to sit down and crank out a few words here and there and literally have had no desire to write anything.   Instead I just avoid my blog altogether. But NO MORE!! I will be posting some older blogs, some that I started in the fall and never posted. Some volleyball updates and reports that I found. Some adventures worth re-telling. So my blog will be active but mostly with some back-blogged already occured info and events.

Better late than never I suppose…


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