Lindesberg Volley Update

We are nearing the end of the fall half of our season. Good things have been happening.

  • Won Nordic Cup Group
  • Won Swedish Cup
  • Currently in top 4 for league, on way to Grand Prix goal
  • Won our home opener against the League Champions from last season, Katrineholm

We have a few big weeks rounding out this half of season. These 3 wins are crucial for us to move onto Grand Prix (where top four teams from fall half of season compete)

  • Örebro away game Dec 6…rival match!!! Get on that bus from Lindesberg to Örebro to support!
  • Svedala home game Dec 11
  • Sollentuna home game Dec 18

Things to look work towards and look forward to in January

  • Grand Prix in Katrineholm
  • Nordic Cup Finals in Engelholm

We have had a busy and long fall but if we survive all the games and injuries and exhaustion and get through January victorious then it will all be worth it in the end. I believe.


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