NEVZA i Norway

Today we leave for Stavanger, Norway to play in the first round of NEVZA AKA Nordic Cup. Stavanger is one of the most beautiful places in Norway so I am excited to see some of it, there are some amazing infamous hikes such as the LysefjordKjeragbolten, and Preikestolan. We unfortunately wont have time for that, we will be getting our workout on the volleyball court kickin booty!!! We will most likely get to see in the city the oldest cathedral in Norway!

We have a four team group: US, Fortuna (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), and  Stavanger the host team.

We play one game each day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Winner moves on to play for cup championship in January.

Today however we will be driving to Norway. That will be around a 14 hour car ride….YAY!

The good part is that we get there early enough to rest tomorrow before we play and with all the time we have in the car I might actually be able to blog since I have been so so so terrible at it the past few weeks of  insanity, sorry! November is a busy Volleyball month for us so I will work hard to update everyone! Next thursday is our first home match!

Soooo Lycka Till Linde Volley!!


  1. Hey C!
    Stavanger is for sure a wonderful place. Quite close to where we spent the summer! Too bad you don’t have time to check those sights out. They’re breathtaking! 🙂
    Hope sweden treats you well and isn’t too cold yet…


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