The Joy of Hair

Extreme Sweden. Makeover Edition.

The return of Fern.

I was called Fern in college for many reasons thanks to my sistah Nanster who coined the nickname and my roomie Sarah who have made the name stick for all eternity I think.

  1. Fern Mayo in the movie Jawbreaker. Saw the movie. Mimicked her too well perhaps, and it stuck.
  2. My mom actually bought me some actual ferns to furnish my room with and hang on the balcony.
  3. Every creepy weird character in shows seemed to be named Fern.
  4. Last and not least… my hair resembled a small sprout of a fern if you will, its small happy appearance popping out of my head in a nub of a ponytail.
  5. Fern Gully, a favorite of mine and a classic movie The fairy’s name is Krista, like Crystal, trying to save the rainforest and if you know me I do love to recycle and do my part.

Enough about Fern, let me tell you a little about Joy and the Joy of hair. I don’t just mean happy happy joy joy kind of Joy… Joy is from Thailand and is in Swedish class like I am. The difference is Joy speaks Swedish really well and has been in Sweden awhile longer than I have. So I hope I have made a friend I can only talk Swedish to! Bara Svenska. Aside from speaking Swedish really well and being very friendly and sweet she has a secret super talent….she is a superb hairdresser. I asked her during our Swedish class Fika who cut her hair, an edgy layered very stylish cute hair cut that I loved…SHE DID IT HERSELF!! So we exchanged numbers and Saturday night Joy gave me a makeover. Trust me the sound of my hair hitting the floor hard with a splat made me a liTTle nervous halfway through the cut but it all worked out 🙂 Too late to question anything and I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Goodbye long hair.

You were good to me but its on to the next…

My new hair was accompanied with a bit of shopping on Sunday with Margie and Jo in Orebro for some work shoes that look nice, are warm as well as comfy and I found em 🙂 So it was a weekend of fun new things and friends!

Thank you so so so much Joy! My hair looks amazing and I love it! You are gifted and when you open your own salon in Lindesber *The Joy of Hair* I will definitely be a customer!!

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  1. LOVE the hair!!! She did a wonderful job!!! Ps. saw noe at the gym (wouldn’t exactally call it working out). He asked how you were. I told him you had to move back to Sweeden becasuse the Polls here just weren’t doin’ it! 🙂

  2. Wow……..!! Tack för att du gilla ditt hår som jag hade klipt på dig. Jag inte tänkt att du skulle skrev om mig 🙂 jag är jätte glad!!

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