Buying Time


I wish I could buy just a few more hours in the day. Between work, volleyball practice, Swedish class, eating, sleeping, games, puppy love, and breathing I can’t believe I have been too busy to blog…..and do some other necessary things as well. I am busy and I love being busy, soooo different from last year. I feel productive and like the feeling of contributing and working hard so I would much rather have this than boredom. It’s just a matter of finding enough balance to feel confidant and comfortable not stressed and worn out.

After feeling pain with my sciatic and not feeling totally rested adjusted or settled 100% I really feel like this week is week 2 of fully feeling rested healthy and organized in life in general. It’s Monday so I am aiming for a bit more successful week in terms of blogging because I have so much on my mind and no time to get it out! If anyone has some extra time to read a book or go to the movies or have a bottle of wine and watch Desperate Housewives or The Office just please enjoy it for me 🙂 Have a good week!


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