Days in Arboga

I am living in Lindesberg but my work is in Arboga. About a 40 minute drive every morning to a cute little town which at one point was considered the seat of power in Sweden because it was the seat of the first parlimentary session of Sweden (Riksdag) in 1435. It was the furthest point upriver you could come, so in boat trading days waaay back when it was preTTy powerful.   The name Arboga (originally Arbugæ) consists of the two words “Ar” which in ancient Swedish means river and ”bughi” which means bend and which together has the meaning River bend.

It is a really precious town. I leave around 730 and arrive around 815. Work until 915 and then there is a Fika break. Work again from 915-12 then lunch break (usually bringing food and we all eat in the break room just like for Fika). Work again and then Fika at 2. Work ends depending on what time I need to be in Lindesberg for practice, usually around 5. But that is life in Arboga, where about 3-4 days of my week will be spent this year working for TRG Components with TRG Design.

Drive to Arboga
Last year I only saw this path covered in snow and felt like I had walked through the magic cupboard into Narnia along this path. It was picturesque. Now I hardly recognize it green and lucious. I am sure it will be just as beautiful when the leaves change.d
Arboga Work Window
We sit in this room for Fika breaks and lunch and I can see the flags flying outside over the street. I like seeing the different displays and plants the flower shop has across the street also, always cute and different.
Arboga street lamps

 I don’t know what it is about Sweden with the lamps and plants but even these street lamps have plants to accompany them. I LOVE them!! I love all of the planter boxes along the sidewalks, hanging plants from street lamps, windows with planter boxes, and everything green and growing.

Fall is in the air so I am enjoying all the greenery and sunshine while it lasts because as soon as the cold comes it will be a quick fall and jump right into winter.

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