10,000 by 2011!!!??

A year ago this time I had maybe a few hundred hits if that and today I have 6,700 hits!! I was checking my blog stats the other day and I wonder if it will be possible to get 10,000 blog hits by 2011. Thats a lot of hits for a little blogger like me. I was shocked that my stats had even reached the thousands this quickly honestly.


10,000 HITS BY 2011


I hope you find my blog interesting and if you enjoy reading it, KEEP READING!

If there is something you SEE or read and like, SHARE IT! If you have related stories or information to share with me, pass it along! If you know a friend who likes something I write about, share it!!!

Contribute and COMMENT! I love reading responses and likes and dislikes and similar personal experiences.

Basically, keep reading and I’ll keep writing 🙂

But I think hitting 10,000 by 2011 would be preTTY PreTTy cool in the words of Larry David.

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