Team Weekend

We had our team bonding weekend at Nisse Holmdahl’s proprety Riikkenstorppermaculture and wwoofing. Nisse is somewhat of a legend in Sweden. He is known for incresing the  t serves as a historical museum for the Finnish population that once resided there and preserves the history of their culture and way of life. The organization they work with is called WWOOF-World Wide Opportunities with Organic Farms. This is an amazing place and perfect for a weekend of team bonding.

We were placed in teams and competed in both physical and mental exercises requiring teamwork, athleticism, ingenuity, and fun. We did relays, runs, work puzzles, obstacles, and even a refreshing swim in the chilly lake. We cooked for each other, slept in bunk beds in the cottage, and managed without running water the whole weekend. Yes that meant using a modern day medieval style outhouse. Pretty interesting stuff. It was a gorgeous place and a great way to connect with my new team! I had a great weekend!



  1. The meadow shot with your team mates reminds me of the big meadow up at the ranch, so open to the sky and surrounded by the green loving arms of the trees. What a marvelous team building, insightful, motivating experience. My only question is, “Crystal, what did you cook?”

    • Wow mom we actually cooked an amazing meal! RUDE! I can cook and eat and clean! Our team made baked pesto chicken with french bread a salad pasta and there were no complaints. Then for lunch we made pesto pasta with chicken from leftovers with meatballs and salad. You would’ve liked it. 🙂

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