Pula’s Friends

Pula has wasted no time reuniting with old friends and making new ones. She is still the fun-adder she always has been. She has run into a few friends from last year and made some new ones as well. She will have quite a lot of fun with all these friends this year I hope. Kinda feel the same way about myself actually. We are off to a friendly warm start in Lindesberg.

Maja, my friends Dave & Malin's 6 mo. old dog
Mattias and his GF
Pit Buddies- (I would write their names if I could spell them) 4 month old Red Nose and 3 yr old Amstaff mini 🙂
Dan's dog Zelda. The real boss at work, a food nazi, and Pula's morning walk buddy-she keeps Pula in check 🙂



  1. Tell Pula that Max came over this morning looking for her company. Max is so lost without Pula and Apollo and the cats over here will have nothing to do with him! Meeuwww

    • She has some friends here so she has been happy and entertained and tired out. Last weekend she stayed with Malin and their puppy Maja and then didn’t move for 3 days after she was exhausted! No friendly cats though.

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