Jeanette, The Danish Kitchen Diva

Jeanette from Denmark.

On our team weekend we had to come up with skits within our team and in Jeanette’s they made up the role of “Danish Diva” She is Danish, but far far from a diva!I however still like the nickname for irony’s sake.

So the Danish Diva is really the Danish Cook.

She fills our house with delicious aromas and Margie and I are so so happy for her new job at the Lindesberg Stadshotel because she was baking so many delicious things we were starting to guess how much weight we would gain from fresh baked bread alone.

The truth is I love her cooking and baking, whether it is oatmeal for breakfast, or fresh baked rolls and baguettes, a chocolate cake with coffee frosting from scratch,  or a Danish specialty Frikadeller. It has been pretty amazing so far living with someone with natural talent like that. She comes from a family of cooks and she is carrying on the tradition. Margie and I need to buy some measuring tools because she doesn’t need them, yea she is that good.

Here is a glimpse of all the tasty food Mmmmmm…..

Rolls from Scratch
Fresh out of the Oven, Rolls from Scratch

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