My Summer Solo RoadTrip

I decided it was time to get out of NorCal and have some long lost friend time in SoCal. So I drove the little honda by myself for about a 2 week trip to spend time with my friends whenever I fit into their schedules. No plans, just winging it :). Turns out I have a lot of friends down there and they all have such different lives and careers and lifestyles it was a stimulating and ever changing trip! So much FUN!


July 19-21 Chico->Stockton ->Irvine The Bland Fam..

Pit Stop to see Sarah my ETSU college friend, team mate, and roomie. We had a coffee and quick catch up. She is teaching high school spanish at her former high school as well as intense involvement with church youth activities. She is a busy lady, busy also includes summer international adventures which this summer includes Sweden…right before I arrived boooo! Always a good time with Miss Buhr!

The Bland Fam…

I got to finally see the next phase of a college friends life unfold and it is pretty cool to know someone before and after they are a wife and mother. Its like I got to be a part of this secret part of her life in a special place and time. It was amazing to hold little baby Cheeks in my arms and see him roll around like a lil rollie pollie 🙂 So cute. It was great to do what we do best, drink coffee, laugh, talk about life, and of course Target therapy 🙂 Love my lil Bland fam 🙂

Cheeks 🙂

July 21-23 Rancho Cucamunga


Deanna Studying AKA her life in PT School

Lemme tell you how much fun Deanna Senko Wenko and I have together…too much. I thought it was funny that there was a spare bedroom that her roommate had made the bed in like I would use it. Deanna and I spent the better part of my Butte College years inseparable and I haven’t gotten to spend time and have late night chats with her in ages. She is hard at work in PT school so she can take care of my aging athletic body. She is now in the home stretch an has worked so hard to get there. I am proud of how dedicated and passionate she is about it. Inspiring. We saw some hilarious comedy shows, had some delish dinners, and laughed a lot…we are good at that!

Megan, confirmation friends for life. We had a nice breakfast catch up sesh to check in with eachother and share whats going on. The whole point of this trip really. I was glad we were able to work something out with our schedules. Turns out Rancho Cucamunga is poppin’ with my friends 🙂

(I also had a day trip to Manhattan Beach to see Michelle practice with Holly McPeak, real rough day)

July 24-25 Culver City, Long Beach, Laguna Niguel

Michelle and crew. Haven’t seen Michelle in years. We met while she was playing at UT and me at ETSU. She has been a great ear for me to have regarding volleyball and life although we don’t see eachother often. I was proud to see her move her life from Florida to Cali to pursue beach volleyball. Its nice to have someone else who is still motivated and encouraging about volleyball and still in the game.

AVP tourney in Long Beach. Misty May’s return to the beach. Fun filled volley weekend!

Laura and I fit in a pit stop catch up session on my way to San Diego. She is busy as ever managing the LA branch of Affliction clothing. Buddies from way back, always good to connect and check in with eachothers lives.

July 25-28 Pacific Beach San Diego Marek, Kendra, Kane, Mica, Audra

Marek and I have known eachother since forever and she has been in San Diego working hard as a nurse for awhile now. Her best friend Kendra was visiting too so we all 3 had fun. Marek and I did crossfit together at her gym Crossfit Invictus, wish she was into that when we were both in Chico and couldve done it together! We had some delish Pho, walks by the ocean, coffee, and technology time 😉 Words With Friends could sum up our time in SD!

Kane was one of my first friends in SD, and a volleyball friend for life.  He was however my college coach, Phuong’s friend first. I pop into his life whenever I am down there and know he will always be doing something fun and interesting. Active life on the go, that is why I absolutely love San Diego. I got to see him play a little beach vb and then he trained me in the afternoon and we scrimmaged another coed team…of which the girl went to ASU and played with my future Lindesberg team mate Margie!!

Kane and I also met up for lunch with Mica, we played in a few beach tournaments in SD before she breifly played at ETSU with me. Haven’t seen her in days so we had a lot to update on. Enjoyed some bomb mexican food…always miss that when I am out of Cali!

Kane has had a beach partner in mind for me for awhile now and is basically waiting for me to move to San Diego already and quit teasing myself with my trips down. Audra is the partner who I have heard so much about and she has heard so much about me. She played at SDSU and is now focusing on beach volley and training and living right in Mission Beach…love that place. So we finally met and hit it off just as Kane predicted. Looking forward to playing with her in the future…I haven’t forgotten about you beach vb don’t worry!

July 28-30 LA Chelsea my Hoo!

We had a handful of fantastic adventures, as always. It has just been way too long since we could have more!

Back up to NorCal, pit stop in Turlock for the night then to the Bay to pick up a large special package and off to Chico until Sweden!

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