Lindesberg Lake Walk

This weekend I was at home in Lindesberg trying to rest and recover…2 things that require patience (not my best quality). I am having some sciatic irritation caused by tight muscles and it has never held me back before but I am hurting. The best thing I can do is walk, stretch, foam roller, tens machine, and drugs. I am doing it all.
The walking part however is the best part. On Friday I walked all around the big lake with Pula, it was like Swedish Fern Gully. It was not the best weather but it was gorgeous none the less. Everything is so saturated with water and shade it is perfect for moss, mushrooms, and FERNS! It was so pretty.
At the end of the walk I went through town and it was “market day” which apparently happens every September. I have literally never seen this many people in Lindesberg at
one time. At least a couple thousand filled the streets to check out stands selling anything from candy (big surprise Sweden).

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