Lindesberg Arena

Lindesberg Volley Logo

Grand Opening

It is real! No more talk, speculation, or awaiting. The arena is finally open and in use. We have been practicing here since I arrived and this weekend The Lindesberg Arena will host its first Volleyball Tournament! Very exciting stuff Lindesberg! There are 4 teams including us. Should be a fun and exciting weekend of volleyball.

Sollentuna (Sweden) Stavanger (Norway) Falköping (Sweden)  Lindesberg


10:00 Lindesberg-Stavanger
11:30 Sollentuna-RIG Falköping
14:30 Falköping RIG-Lindesberg
16:00 Sollentuna-Stavanger
17:30 Stavanger-RIG Falköping
19:00 Lindesberg-Sollentuna


10:00 Semifinal 1
11:30 Semifinal 2
14:30 Match for 3rd prize
16:00 FINAL

Main Entrance
Volleyball Side of Gym

(to the left is a mobile wall and an identical looking court for handball is on the other side)

The Weight Room
Weight room with gorgeous view of the lake & nature

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