Lamp, Plant, Scandinavia

I am back in Sweden!

With in my first 3 weeks here I will have gone to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway for tournaments. Hello Scandinavia! I feel super Swedish in my room because all last year I loved seeing  every window with orchids and a lamp with cute curtains. Now I have one! It blossomed last weekend and I love coming home to it and my little window with my very own lamp and plant 🙂

The whole town is booming with people, green plants, sunshine, clouds.

I don’t know this Lindesberg!

The end of summer is here and it is still warm but green and gorgeous. I caught the end of fall last year and it was beautiful so I’m glad I get to see the change from green to yellow/red/orange firey colors and eventually to grey November and white winter.

I love walking around town in this great weather but especially by the lake. At all times of day it has a totally different look and aura to it. I walk with Pula in mornings before work, to practice in afternoon, then walk home at night after practice. It has a completely new look to it every time I see it, beautiful and different every time.

The lake is like life.

In different lights all things change their appearance and perspectives vary but an unchanging beauty always remains.


One comment

  1. Oh, such a gorgeous, rich, indulging color for an orchid. It’s smiling at you in the photo!
    Love to hear all is well and ever changing.

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