My first weekend back in Sweden and we weren’t even in Sweden!

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We road-tripped to Odense Denmark for a tournament. Odense happens to be the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen!  It was my first time to Denmark. I am living with Jeanette, a girl from that town, she is our Libero this year so it was fun to see where she comes from.

It was the first team bonding weekend I think because slept on huge gymnast mats in a room together and it felt like girlscout camp or something. We then ate every meal with Hamburg, not every day you wake up and dine with your opponent! It was a first for me but we ended up having so much fun and I had a great nights sleep on that huge mat!!

 We played a German team Hamburg and the home team Fortuna Odense (also my coaches former team from last season). Turns out I knew some of the Hamburg players from my first season in Europe and it was so good to see them and have a familiar face to talk to. For those of you who know me, not that surprising that I’d run into someone I knew´but still it surprises me sometimes. Not gonna lie, I would be disappointed if one day it stopped happening.

Great weekend!!

Denmark is so cute, can’t wait to see Copenhagen!!


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