Chelsea my Hoo

Sometimes you have friends you have to see everyday in order to remain on real common ground, a situational friendship.
Sometimes you are friends with someone for a period of your life and you outgrow eachother.
Sometimes you are lucky enough to have friends whose presence is rare but connection remains strong through all stages and journeys in life.
For me that is my Hoo Hoo, Chelsea
She's so pro

So lucky me Chels was in town for a few days and so was I!!

We did NOT get to do our Cafe Flo regular meet up that was one of our favorite bike ride stops in high school.

Hoo Hoo x 2

We did get to learn about lettuce washing, grab locally made ice cream, mock aspiring musicians and their aspiring groupies, eat breakfast, wack some balls, recieve unplanned unpaid private golf lessons from an old man stranger, and have lots of fun catching up with life past present and future while laughing like always.

Hoo Hoo & I Whackin' Balls

I love my HooHoo.

I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend since it is so far and few between but it is always precious and cherished.

Until next time Hoo…


One comment

  1. You both are amazing, except when rolling around on hotel floors acting completely inappropriate (oh, wait, that’s what is SO great)!

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