Quatro Amigas

Coming back to Chico usually means lots of random reunions. Rarely does it mean I get to see ALL of my friends. In the last week I have got to see almost every friend I could want. It has been impeccable timing.

Lindsay Meg Marek Candice-The usual, breakfast crew.

Chelsea my Hoo

Corey CP2, Bananas, & Rosie

Beck & Page BCVB

Jera & Katie

One reunion I wasn’t anticipating was a long overdue one. Jacqui and Cindy. Two of the most amazing teachers we could’ve asked for in high school. We all said we’d get together when we could all share a bottle of wine. Well we are well over 21 and haven’t done it yet. Our paths have crossed but not in a proper meeting since high school ended in 2003. So Thursday June 17 was the day. The plans were set, all parties were in town, wine and cheese was bought, it’s go time!

Espanol Reunion

We gathered. I neglected to tell them that Meg was about 8 months pregnant so that was a fun suprise her walking in with a basketball belly. Since our last meeting Meg and Linds have been married. Meg has moved around and come back to Chico to start a family and buy a home. Linds just completed her masters at John Hopkins in International Health and is about to goto Sierra Leone Africa for an internship. Candice moved to Oklahoma for vet school and achieve her dream of becoming a vet. I’ve been living abroad playing professional indoor volleyball living my dream. All four of us are in such different places in our lives with such dynamic and unique experiences yet we have managed to stay in touch along all our our journey’s and stages of life thus far.I hope we don’t wait another 7 years to do this again!

Linds, Cindy, Me

These two remarkable women shaped us as wide eyed high school youth filled with dreams of college, travel, boyfriends, husbands, weddings, homes, families, careers, and impacting the world and the people around us. I hope more than anything they know how much they have meant to us and how much they do come to mind, although our paths do not cross often, I hope we have made them proud and that they know they hold a huge stake in the successes of our lives. Their wise words did not fall upon deaf ears.


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