Amy, almost all grown

I distinctly remember holding my cousin Amy in my arms when she was a newborn baby. When you hold a baby you have so many questions about what that little nugget of a person will turn into, how they will talk, expressions, interests, humor. We have seen her grow from that little jellybean 17 years ago into a high school graduate and wayyyy to big to hold in my arms and cradle to sleep.

College Park High Graduation

As she embarks on a whole new exciting challenging and rewarding chapter in her life I look forward to watching her grow even more, not the freshman 15 grow but the spiritual, emotional, cognitive growth. She has grown into such an amazing person already I can’t wait to see what awaits in these next years.

2010 Graduate

Amy I am so proud of you and I’ll be here for you whenever wherever.

Good luck at UC San Diego and be prepared to have a Cousin Crystal crash area on your couch 🙂

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