Fabulous Palace Afternoon

Amelia and I spent an afternoon inside the Emirate Palace Hotel. Let me tell you, I have never been in a Palace before and if you want to see luxury this is the right place. Immaculate and elaborate in every way possible.

Abu Dhabi Palace

We explored looking around, walking through the wings that non-guests of the hotel are permitted to look at. Amazing. We then sat and had a drink at the cafe which was perfect. Nothing says relaxing like having a coffee and a date while listening to traditional music being played live in a palace while watching all the “lovely” people walk by. Great afternoon at the palace, no big deal that’s just how we roll.

Rolls Royce and Maybach

Read about luxury stays with amazing pics and detail 7 Stars and Stripes world wide award.

Palace Entryway Interior

We enjoyed a plate of warm nuts while we ordered along with a mix of dips and warm bread. I drank a cappuccino with a side of sweets, including the welcome fruit of the UAE a date! It was a perfect place to sit and enjoy each other and the beautiful palace. It was a lovely afternoon!

where we enjoyed a drink
Palace Afternoon
Palace Cappuccino
Yummy Dips

To see more pictures from Abu Dhabi Emirate Hotel check my Visual Diary

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