Gus Time

After having a good long talk with my new friend Gustavo, Amelia’s husband. I joke because this trip is the most time we have gotten to spend together and get to know each other. It has been a good time and I am glad we had this opportunity. I always enjoy talking to people who know so clearly what they want to do in life and are so confidant and passionate about it. It is inspiring. Out of a conversation we had tonight he shared a proverb that is perplexing. I really enjoyed the proverb as well as the questions and answers it raised for me. I feel this is an bold and honest proverb that can be applied to help asses life’s most simple or complex situations.

Better be the head of a rat than the tail of a lion.

-Spanish Proverb

Be a part of something big or small?

At what costs or sacrifices?

Would you rather lead or follow?





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