Sun & Heat of Abu Dhabi

Sun and heat I have missed you. I have been lucky to catch some warm yet not blazing hot Abu Dhabi heat. After living in Sweden, anything seems warm and the AC can NOT phase me like it used to. Malls are so cold and while I am fine in a shirt and skirt Amelia feels like an icicle!! I had one day by a pool and one day on the beach and oddly no tan or burn! I thought the sun would be harsh here but while we were on the beach I didn’t even feel hot enough to swim! Sun with the breeze has been amazing here. Today it is 39C however, a little warmer. Planning on at least 2 more days in the sun, heat/weather permitting. Sunshine really does make you happy.

Abu Dhabi, Corniche Beach
Crowne Plaza Pool, Yas Island


  1. Im so jealous! But you really deserve it! Take care and i want to se the real brown you when your coming back for pula.

    • Sadly not getting as much beach/sand/sun time as I expected. A lot of Air Conditioned Mall time though 🙂

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