Middle East=Malls!!!

WOW how many malls are there here!!! I have been to more malls in the last week than my whole life I think! The tourist attractions include amazing malls. Malls with ice rinks, art, fountains, water shows, ski slopes, musical performance, mosaics, and of course the stores!!!

Ibn Battuta Mall

For more Dubai and mall photos visit my visual diary

The view of Marina Mall from Corniche Blvd/Beach Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi I went to the Marina Mall which is on the island area and has an amazing view of the skyline, water, and beaches on the mainland. It was massive but average and totally normal size here, 3 stories at least. I had a coffee and watched people go by and then took the elevator up to the cafe restaurant on the top of a space needle like tower, so high up!!

In Dubai while Amelia worked I drove to the Ibn Battuta Mall. Ibn Batutta was a medevil explorerer and the mall is themed after his travels. He traveled for around 30 years and is considered one of the greatest travelers of all time. So walking through you enter six courts of the mall each named after the countries to which Ibn Battuta travelled. The mall is split into six main courts: China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia. The entire section is modeled after that part of the world, art, archiecture, etc. I got a chance to read about Ibn and his travels in an informational museum like display area. Very informative and gorgeous! Who wants to shop when there is so much more to look at??!!

After her class Amelia and I drove further into Dubai and saw the marina area, the beach, and then went to The Dubai Mall which is located next to The Burj Khalifa,  tallest building in the world. Gorgeous. We were lost in there from about 5pm-12am!! So much to see!!! Lovely glamourous shops as well as 4 story fountains, an aquarium you can scuba dive with sharks in, and outside a Vegas style water and light show to music (but way bigger than Vegas). We saw the light show to the Arab world’s top-selling dance number Shik Shak Shok.

Fountain Fact & Figures

• World’s largest dancing fountain
• In sync with classical, Arabic and world music
• 1.5 million lumens of projected light
• Spray heights of up to 500 feet
• 22,000 gallons of airborne water
• Set in Burj Khalifa Lake, right outside The Dubai Mall on Lower Ground Waterfront Promenade in the heart of Downtown Dubai.

For more Dubai and mall photos visit my visual diary


    • You would love it! I forgot I had stores and was supposed to be shopping, insane like everything else here. Mall art, who would’ve thought?!

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