Abu Dhabi Arrival!

Arrived in Abu Dhabi perfectly! Got a seat on a flight seamlessly (minus the baby throwing up next to me and my in flight entertainment not working). Met Gustavo at the airport, perfect timing. Went to their apartment and Guss and I both slept most of the day from traveling, he came in from Pakistan when I was arriving from Frankfurt. Amelia came home in between her 2 teaching jobs and picked me up, it was really like a dream waking up to your friend from home on the other side of the world.  When she went to work again we drove into Abu Dhabi and along the way saw a small taste of the extreme and elaborate ways of Abu Dhabi. She dropped me off at a “normal mall”  while she taught which was still ginormous 3 levels of luxurious store choices. Immaculate first impressions.

YAYA at the Lebanese Flower

Then after her class we met Guss at The Lebanese Flower and ate a delicious meal (meats breads garlic and hummus) and smoked some grape mint shisha.

Entrance to Emirites Palace

Surprisingly after dinner Guss let us take his new porsche to cruise around at night and see the sights!!! We had so much fun!!!

Harbor at Intercontinental Hotel

The weather was perfect, the lights of the city were magical on all the amazing buildings, and it was like a dream.From Club Chico Volleyball when we were teenagers to Abu Dhabi as adults. It is nights like these that make life worth living.

For more photos of my night in Abu visit my visual diary.


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