Treehouse Lifestyle-Art and Inspiration

I read an article on Yahoo! about treehouses which reminded me of a site I came across awhile back which featured unique sustainable living via treehousesand I decided they both should be shared.

“In a treehouse, you’re not on the ground and you’re not flying,” says Andreas Wenning of Baumraum. “It’s somewhere in the middle–like floating between Earth and heaven.”

Baumraum Treehouses, Germany

I couldn’t agree more. It is everything you dreamed of as a kid made useful for adult living!

As a kid I was fascinated by treehouses, the height, the getaway from your parents and life on the ground and instead a fort in the sky. I always dreamed of having an amazing treehouse. These ideas takes all my treehouse dreams to unimaginable realities.

Let your imagination run wild with a treehouse slideshow,  treehouses from around the world, as well as modern luxury designs. If you have any interest in urban design, architecture, or design check out WebUrbanist for some awesome stuff!!


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