Inspiring, photography with a message

The other day I caught a show on TV called “In Harms Way” following a pair of freelance photographers,  who specialize in war photography in conflict zones. I found their stories unparalleled and inspirational. The episode followed Zoriah Miller and Alissa Everett working in the Gaza Strip. Their desire to sacrifice their lives so the world may see the harsh truths of war. I had a chance to check out Zoriah’s site, photos, and blog and I was particularly moved by his work. Stunning photos from anywhere and everywhere, truly remarkable. It was amazing to see. All very inspiring. Check it out!

I was also recently introduced to a site whose depths I still haven’t been able to explore fully. It is pretty incredible though. It is a web bank for essays and documentaries on a variety of subjects. Magnum in Motion is an offshoot of Magnum Photos in NYC.  Photography come to life with other digital media to tell stories. It is immaculate and amazing. Check it out!! You can even watch on the go with their podcasts!

Magnum in Motion, Chernobyl


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