F*ed French Friend Frankfurt Friday

Sooo was inside at S.E.E. again all day yesterday. I was apparently isolated from the world because when a friend said “so your flight isn’t cancelled” I had no idea what they were talking about. Welllllll the last 12 hours have been very disheartening. I am not going to Frankfurt or Abu Dhabi.

Today was supposed to be French Friend Friday in Frankfurt, reuniting with my brother from another mother Thomas whom I haven’t seen since ETSU days sadly. Ummm now it’s just F*ed. Instead it was sit online all day checking flight and airline info and news or any updates regarding Iceland Volcano Flight News. Then it became Swedish basketball night in Solna. All flights for RyanAir in Europe have been cancelled until 1pm Monday. So now I am figuring out what is next. Now that I have emptied my apartment, packed my bags, mentally prepared to leave my little pup, and psyched up to see my friends I am now have to head back to Lindesberg until I can get on a flight.

Solna is my vacation for now. I did get to see a very exciting semifinal playoff game for the mens team, if they lost they were out of playoffs. They won by a few points but were winning the whole game. Now they are tied 2-2 and must win on the road to advance to the finals. The womens team did advance and I am lucky enough to get to stay with the studs of the team one of which is also Center of the Year for Sweden Elite League!! Whoop Whoop!! What I didn’t expect was to get to chill with a fellow Californian. A girl on the team brought in for playoffs, Ofa. Its always nice to meet fellow countrymen but when you meet another Californian it’s a different story and much more exciting. I feel more loyal to my state and just get happy thinking about it. She was a cool girl, played in Poland and Germany previously. The best part is she went to Cal State Northridge which is where Eryk’s good friend and teammate from Finland went. Ofa and he went there the same years, who would’ve thought. Small small world it is once you put yourself out there and connect some dots.

So I have gotten some really bad news, at least I am in an apartment and not in an airport stranded. All plans are not scrapped, just delayed. Maybe this is a sign I need to wait for this trip due to something else. Maybe the universe is testing my patience. Maybe I will arrive and not take one moment or conversation or experience with my much missed friends for granted. We shall see what the next week holds for me.

As a wise “old fart” once said ” time is seldom wasted when you do something new and different” -DW and I sure as hell haven’t had a Volcanic Eruption in Iceland ground any vacation plans I have had before.  This one goes down in the books.

Nature is beautiful, however destructive. Its power is not to be reckoned with.


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