Gamla Stan Stockholm’s Trattoria Romana

After the first day of SEE with team TRG Dan, Kjell, Esa, and I were having dinner discussions. Dan and I have leaned toward sushi unsuccessfully which led Kjell to set his mind on making sure I had a proper meal in Stockholm. Old town Stockholm or ‘Gamla Stan’ was our destination to one of both Dan and Kjell’s favorites, Trattoria Romana.

We arrived and I knew it would be a great night. There was a pretty little pit bull sitting outside as soon as we stepped out of the cab and then parked in front of the restaurant was a Land Rover Defender, a car and a dog that make me think of the last time I was in Gamla Stan with my friends in November. Good signs.

I got some history lessons as well. As you know the Nobel Prize originates from Alfred Nobel the Swede so the ceremony is held in Stockholm. There is a formal dinner that is held as well in which the government party in office is exclusively a part of, the right-wing government at the time. The left-wing party then held their own dinner ceremony at Trattoria Romana.

The staff sang a neighbor table happy birthday in Italian, the waiter and chef were from Napoli. It had a great authentic feel, very easy to spend hours in there. Honestly one of the best meals of my life, could’ve been in Italy. Great food, great atmosphere, great wine, great company, great night. Went down in the history books for my food faves. Couldn’t ask for a better time.

Dry Martini

Italian Cabernet, dangerously smooth and flavorful

Starter: Prosciutto and Melon drizzled with balsamic

Main Course: Flat spaghetti with shredded veal, parmesan, asparagus, and real truffles.

Desert: Sambuca and Espresso with Creme Brule


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