Today was the first day of S.E.E. Scandinavian Electronics Event in Stockholm. I was offered to come and help with TRG Components which I had the opportunity to with a little bit earlier in the year. It is essentially a trade show for electronic companies of all types to gather, share information, and make new contacts.

For me it is a great learning experience to see these guys do what they do so well and get informed on a field I formerly knew little to nothing about. It was fun for me to help put the booth together and get everything set up aesthetically to make TRG as inviting as possible. All the signage was bold, informational, and colorful. We have a good Location on a corner booth to catch traffic from both directions. The challenge is language so I begin in English and it has thrown a lot of people off but interests some and then I can hand them over to the true experts in the field whether it’s LED’s or components.

Tomorrow is day two. Now I feel broken in after day 1 out of the way. Hopefully make some new contacts and reach some customers for TRG tomorrow.

Goodnight Stockholm.


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