Braided UP

Nirelle, the Girl with the hair hands

Nirelle was a busy bee braiding hair in our free time. I have braided hair before but for me Eryks hair is too short to do it very well but she has worked some wonders. Nadya also got braided up but it lasted about 10hrs before it hurt so bad she took it out, hilarious waste of time. We attempted my massive amounts of hair for playoffs the first time, all rows leading into a pony tail for playing. The second time she did cornrows halfway back and then individual braids all in the back of my head, it felt like dreads. I haven’t braided my hair since high school track season but it was amazing to wake up everyday and your hair was already to go! It was a really fun way to spend evenings. With each attempt she got better and better. Here are some of her works of art!

braided up for playoffs
E's braids


One comment

  1. I miss you guys! It was great doing braids on you guys, you both sport them so well! You both need to come to Texas and visit me… I will do your hair again!! 🙂 Hope all is well in Sweden!

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