I finally feel confidant saying spring has finally sprung.

I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen, especially when we had blizzard like snow on the 23 of March!!


The igloo has caved in and melted. Snow is slowly diminishing. Daylight lasts til 8pm instead of 3pm. The temperature finally warmed up day and night to around 0 at the coldest and between 3C(37F)-10C(50F) during the day. It is nice to see grass patches emerge from beneath the blanket of snow that’s been hiding.

Although the ducks by the lake have been around all winter I haven’t seen many other birds but them. Now birds have become more and more prevalent and you can hear them from almost anywhere. I feel like they are singing for joy that it is finally warming up.  It just feels a little more lively. Unlike frozen, isolated, and statuesque winter. People moving around, sun shining, life is buzzing about in Lindesberg these days.

Spring has Sprung.


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