Swedish Godis

I have always had a sweet tooth. Which has been the root of all my cavity issues. I hate cavities but I love sweets…Guess I shouldn’t have moved to a country that loves its candy AKA Godis (like goodies). In every grocery store there is an entire isle dedicated to them. All colors shapes and sizes. I apologize to my dentist but I just can’t help it. They are everywhere you want to be. It is a Swedish thing, and I love it.

I have developed my favorites 🙂

  • chocolate covered toffee
  • red and white ropes
  • sour watermelons
  • colorful moose
  • chocolate covered peanut squares
  • rings
    Godis Bag
    Godis Selection
    Grocery Store Godis
    Godis Godis and more Godis

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