Swedish S’mores, Snowmen & Sledding

View of Lindesberg across the lake from bonfire

It was all inspired by bonfires. There is a trail that goes around the entire lake and along it are some picnic sites. On Christmas we joined my trainer Johan for a bonfire in the woods across from the town.

Bonfire by the Lake
covered fire area

Awhile back we decided it was time for another bonfire. Mattais, Johnas, Eryk, Nirelle and I experimented with our first Swedish S’mores. Ingredients included Marie crackers substituted for graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marsh mellows. They had everything we needed and it was a delicious combination.

Johnas Mattais Eryk chillin' fireside

After the bonfire Nirelle Eryk and I went sledding at the church and finally built ourselves a legit snowman…err woman LuLu. She was a beauty we had said all winter we’d make one and we finally did it.

Lulu the Snow woman

After a tough 5 game loss we all thought it would do us good to get out of the house. We layered on clothes, packed up necessary things, and walked into the woods. This time we shared our swedish version of an American classic with Nadya.

Last night we made what I think might be our last trip to the woods for awhile. We trecked out again, no snow on the ground this time, set up fire, ate s’mores and looked at the stars and beautiful Lindesberg all light up at night reflecting on the lake. It was a peaceful relaxing night with friends. Peaceful until Pula spiced it up with a midnight dive into the icy water chasing birds sleeping! All I heard was “No Pula” and then a splash. I thought she had fallen through what was left of the ice on the lake. Apparently she had ran to the edge of the ice and leaped off into the icy lake! If it counts for anything she did get pretty close to those birds 🙂 Silly soaking wet Pula, always adding fun wherever we go. Another great night.

Swedish s’mores were an instant classic. If you are willing to improvise you can have this delicious treat anywhere in the world!!

Swedish s’mores were a sweet success 🙂

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